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In 2021, The Graduate School added honorable mention distinctions to each category in celebration of 125 years of the PhD degree being awarded at Northwestern.

2021 McBride Awards

Named for Dwight A. McBride, PhD, former Daniel Hale Williams Professor of African American Studies, English & Performance Studies, Dean of The Graduate School, and Associate Provost for Graduate Education from 2010 to 2017, this award recognizes one outstanding TGS student and one postdoctoral trainee who go above and beyond in any or all of the areas of diversity, service, and engagement: the strategic priorities McBride worked to foster in the graduate community at Northwestern.


Schnaude Dorizan | PhD Candidate, Northwestern University Interdepartmental Neuroscience (NUIN) PhD program

Schnaude Dorizan

Student Award

"During her time at Northwestern, Schnaude has made it a point to seek out mentorship opportunities and leadership roles. She has had countless informal roles providing mentorship to graduate students within and outside of her own graduate program about what’s to come in graduate school and the best way to thrive. It is clear that Schnaude takes every opportunity to guide others toward their goals using her own experiences and lessons as a base."

gyamfi--mcdaid-morgan.pngHonorable Mention Distinction

  • Bright Gyamfi
    PhD Candidate, Department of History

  • Nikki McDaid-Morgan
    PhD Candidate, Learning Sciences


Yosi Kratish, PhD | Postdoctoral Trainee, Tobin Marks Group, Department of Chemistry

Yosi Kratish, PhD

Postdoctoral Trainee Award

"As the most senior member of our subgroup, Yosi has a tremendous influence on the lab environment and has helped create a collaborative one. Because he mentors everyone in the lab, he exposes us to other people’s research and their techniques which helps students grow and may help in our own research. He provides constant guidance and support to each student, which, in turn, promotes an environment where people are approachable and helpful to one another."


  • Honorable Mention Distinction
  • Shefali Haldar, PhD
    Postdoctoral Trainee, Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies