Master's and Nondegree

If you were recently admitted to a master's or nondegree program in The Graduate School (TGS), review the steps and procedures below.

1) View Your Electronic Admission Decision

If you have not done so already, please view your admission decision via the online application.

When you login to the online application, you will now notice a "View Your Decision Letter" button. By clicking the "View Your Decision Letter" button, you will automatically be taken to your electronic decision letter.  which contains important information regarding enrollment decision deadlines and the link to submit your enrollment decision.

2) Submit Your Enrollment Decision Online

Please let us know if you are accepting or declining our admission offer by submitting your enrollment decision via the online application. Your enrollment decision must be entered by the enrollment deadline stated in your virtual admission letter. Late enrollment decisions may not be accepted. Once submitted, enrollment decisions may not be changed.

If You Intend to Enroll at Northwestern University:

3) Mail Your Official Transcripts

Transcripts uploaded in your online application are not official documents. Therefore, you are required to submit one official, hard copy of each of your transcripts to the TGS Admission Office by the beginning of your second quarter of study.

Please keep in mind that transcripts uploaded onto your online application are not official documents. Therefore, you are required to submit one official hard copy of each of your transcripts to the TGS Admission Office.  In addition:

  • Official transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution’s Registrar (either mailed in sealed envelopes or digitally as official, electronic transcripts) to: Northwestern University, The Graduate School, Office of Graduate Admission, 633 Clark Street, Evanston, IL  60208-1113;
  • Digital official transcripts must be sent from the issuing institution via a password protected, e-transcript delivery service. Please check with your institution’s Registrar's Office to see if they offer an e-transcript service.
  • Please do not submit your official transcripts until all degrees you will earn prior to enrolling at Northwestern University are listed. Verifying the completion of your previous degrees is an important step in our transcript collection process. 
  • New students will not be permitted to register for their second quarter of study at Northwestern until all official transcripts (including degree-awarding transcripts) have been received by The Graduate School.

4) Submit Your Health Record Information

All new full-time and half-time students must visit the Northwestern University Health Service (NUHS) website to review information relating to University and State of Illinois health requirements, and download the required entrance health form. There are deadlines associated with these requirements (listed on the NUHS website).

5) Submit Your Visa Request(international students only)

For international students whose NetIDs are activated, please click here for the Office of International Student and Scholar Services website to download visas and forms information. To submit an I-20 request, please click here for the Office’s Steps for New Students web page and follow the directions to complete the process.

Please note, if you have been admitted to the Fall Quarter you must submit your I-20/DS-2019 Request no later than the dates outlined here

For all questions regarding choosing the proper visa, or errors in your visa document, please contact the International Office via email at or phone at 847-491-5613. 

6) Obtain a Tax Identification Number (international students only)

Nonresidents who will receive stipends from a fellowship, but will not be employed in any other way (such as a graduate assistantship or temporary employment), will not be eligible for a SSN and must complete a Form W-7, Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). The W-7 will be collected as part of the Foreign National Information System (FNIS) process through Payroll.  If an ITIN is not obtained by NU, you will apply for the ITIN when filing your U.S. tax return. 

You may use your Tax Identification Number to acquire a US bank account via Bank One, US Bank, or Citibank. Additionally, you may use this number to obtain a US cellular phone via University Mobile or ZeeZoo.

7) Activate Your NetID and Email

Masters and nondegree students will receive NetID and email account information from TGS. Your NetID will be used to access the student services system (CAESAR), your email and other university systems.

If you do not receive your NetID prior to the start of classes, you may obtain it by visiting an NUIT Support Center with your Wildcard (student ID card); the NUIT Support Center will not release NetID data over the phone or via email. More information is available at the NUIT website.

8) Enter Emergency Notification Phone Numbers

You must identify at least one phone number in CAESAR that the University can use to contact you in the event of a campus emergency. You must provide this information before you can register for classes.

9) Register for Classes

All students register online through CAESAR. Registration for new students usually occurs a few days before the start of classes. The registration schedule is available via the Registrar’s Office website. Registration help is available from a link on the CAESAR login page, or via the Registration and CAESAR Login Support Line at 847-467-0260.

FAQ - Masters and Non Degree Enrollment

Q: My bachelor's degree is not listed on my transcript yet. Should I send TGS my current transcript and then the degree-awarding transcript later?

A: No. Please wait and only send us your final, degree-awarding transcript.

Q: Do I have to submit my non-degree transcripts?

A: Yes. All post-secondary transcripts are required, unless class titles and grades earned at one institution appear on another school’s transcript that is already being sent.

Q: My transcripts are from a foreign country and I cannot provide you with my only original copy. What should I do?

A: You may have certified copies of your foreign transcripts sent if you are not able to send the original official copies. Please have them certified by your university, education/foreign affairs ministry. You can also have them certified and sent to us from WES or ECE. If the originals are not in English, a literal English translation must be supplied as well. 

Q: My transcripts are from a foreign country and are not in English. What should I do?

A: If an institution's transcripts are only available in a foreign language, TGS will need an English translation completed by a verifiable, neutral third party (i.e. ATA translators, a transcript evaluation service, etc.) in addition to the original copy. Transcripts and accompanying translations should be mailed in sealed envelopes directly by the third party responsible for translation.  

Q: Can I physically bring my transcripts to your office on a walk-in basis when I arrive on campus?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept transcripts delivered in-person because it hampers our ability to assess their authenticity. A limited number of appointments for in-person submission may be made available on a case-by-case basis, typically only in extenuating circumstances that would prevent the student from submitting their transcripts using more conventional means.