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Graduate Student Tracking System (GSTS)

The GSTS (Graduate Student Tracking System) allows programs to keep track of graduate student academic progress and view academic milestones and related academic activity in one place. GSTS allows programs and students to view student records information directly from CAESAR, as well as additional information that students and programs input. GSTS helps programs and students view information and keep track of progress related to:

  • Advisor and committee
  • Plan of study, including coursework planned and completed
  • Annual progress, including awards, publications, research progress, meetings attended, teaching, and research goals
  • Milestones (TGS and program-specific)
  • TGS Forms (application for degree, master's degree completion, PhD qualifying exam, PhD prospectus, PhD final exam, petition for absence, and program withdrawal form)

Using GSTS

Access the site

 Link to GSTS:   

  • Student access: Active students in The Graduate School can access GSTS with their NetID and NetID Password
  • Advisor/committee member access:  Faculty who serve as graduate student advisors or committee members can access GSTS to see the students for whom they serve as advisor or committee member once this information is entered in GSTS. 
  • Program administrator access:  Program staff (graduate program assistants; department assistants; financial administrators) and faculty administrators (DGSs; chairs) must request access to GSTS by filling out the Student Records Security Form (selecting “manage GSTS” under Academic Program/Plan), and completing the related trainings.

The Graduate Student Tracking System was developed by the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science in collaboration with Northwestern University Information Technology, Student Enterprise Systems and The Graduate School. 


For questions about GSTS, email