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Application Types

New applicants 

If you are applying to Northwestern as a graduate student for the first time, you should use The Graduate School’s (TGS)  online application.  

Withdrawn students and alumni 

Students who have been admitted to TGS, but have not registered for more than two terms, will be withdrawn from the University and must apply for readmission through Student Services using the same  online application  and must be sure to accurately respond to the first page of questions. The decision to readmit a former student is at the discretion of the program. Please  contact Student Services  with questions. 

Individuals who have already earned a degree from TGS and wish to apply to a new program must also use the same  online application  and be sure to accurately respond to the first page of questions. The program admission office will decide which supplemental materials they wish to require. 

Undergraduate applicants to a bachelor’s/master’s degree program  

TGS offers academically strong, motivated Northwestern University undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a concurrent, combined bachelor’s/master's degree program. This program is restricted to Northwestern University undergraduates and is limited to certain degree programs within the University. 

Bachelor's/master's applicants should use TGS's  online application  and be sure to accurately respond to the first page of questions. Applicants to the combined bachelor's/master's program follow a distinct application process and should consult the bachelor's/master's program page for more detailed instructions.  


Questions regarding admission (deadlines, admission requirements, application materials, application status, etc.) should be directed to your specific program.

Note that academic departments/degree programs set their own application deadlines. Please be sure to review your program’s web page to determine your department’s application deadline. Late applications are not guaranteed review and application fees cannot be refunded. 

See your specific program webpage for its contact information.