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PhD Pathways

PhD Pathways is a virtual mentor circle series that offers graduate students the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with PhD alumni around diverse career trajectories. Explore previously recorded mentor circles below.

Past Sessions

Alec Biehl

What a Character! Atypical Advice for Becoming the Dynamic and Round Protagonist of Your Professional Narrative 

Alec Biehl ’19 PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Kimberly Alecia Singletary

The PhD Pivot: Preparing for a Career Outside of Academia and Inside Industry

Kimberly Alecia Singletary ’13 PhD
Instructional Designer II
Everspring Inc

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Aaron Schirmer

Teaching, Research, and Service: An Inside Look at the Tenure Process at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions

Aaron Schirmer ’09 PhD
Associate Professor
Northeastern Illinois University

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Earl Wagner

Big Tech With Purpose: Working with Integrity in Technology

Earl Wagner ’10 PhD
Senior Software Engineer

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Aaron Greenberg

Sell Yourself Without Selling Out: A Case Study of a Scholar Turned CEO

Aaron Greenberg ’17 PhD

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Mission Tenure Speakers

Mission Tenure: A Guide to Managing the Expected and the Unexpected as Junior Faculty

Shina Aladé ’18 PhD
Assistant Professor of Advertising + Public Relations
Michigan State University

Amanda Kleintop ’13 MA, ’18 PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Ryan Lei ’15 MS, ’17 PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Haverford College

Key Takeaways
Nathan Wolek

Preparing Now for a Future Fulbright

Nathan Wolek ’05 PhD
Stetson University

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Yusuf Pisan

Academia Around the World

Yusuf Pisan ’92, ’98 PhD
Associate Teaching Professor
University of Washington Bothell

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Jennifer Hobbs

Demystifying Data Science

Jennifer Hobbs '08, '11 MS, '15 PhD
Director of Machine Learning

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Ira S. Murfin

Find What You Want, Work With What You Have: Determining Your Priorities During Grad School and Preparing for a Career Path That Works for You

Ira S. Murfin ’12 MA, ’17 PhD
Program Manager
Neighborhood Partnerships
2019–21 Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow
Chicago Humanities Festival

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Interested in hosting?

We are looking for additional PhD alumni to serve as mentor circle hosts. Email TGS Associate Director, Alumni Engagement Jaclyn Hugg at