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Well-Being Resources

Eight dimensions of well-being

The well-being of our graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and larger community is an ever-present focus of The Graduate School (TGS). The term “well-being” encompasses overall health, happiness, and prosperity. It is affected by many aspects of one’s life. Our hope is for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to feel better equipped when attending to all aspects of their well-being during their time at Northwestern and beyond. 

Explore resources

Intellectual resources

Explore resources that enable the recognition of one’s creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills.

Social resources

iconExplore resources that help constituents develop a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system.

Physical resources

iconExplore resources that address the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep, as well as preventing illness and injury or managing chronic health conditions.

Emotional resources

iconExplore resources that inform current and future financial situations.

Financial resources

iconHighlighting resources that inform current and future financial situations.

Spiritual resources

iconHighlighting resources that help with expanding a sense of purpose and meaning in life, including one’s morals and ethics. Resources may or may not involve religious activities.

Environmental resources

iconExplore resources that provide or engage pleasant and/or stimulating environments that support well-being.

Vocational resources

iconExplore resources that help constituents gain personal satisfaction and enrichment from their work, whether that be academic work while in college or a job after graduation.