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Graduate Faculty Membership

The faculty of The Graduate School is drawn from the faculties of colleges or schools of the University which have placed the administration of part (or all) of the graduate work under the control of The Graduate School and, except as provided below, shall be limited to persons who hold tenure or tenure-line appointments. So far as possible, the faculty of The Graduate School is made up of those who clearly demonstrate ability and continuing interest in research and whose academic duties normally involve instruction and supervision of graduate students.

The faculty shall be appointed by the President, after consultation with the Provost and with the advice of the Dean of the Graduate School. The duties of the faculty of The Graduate School shall be to approve the various programs of study leading to advanced degrees, to establish regulations governing the conferring of advanced degrees, to recommend candidates for advanced degrees, and to perform such other duties as ordinarily fall to a faculty member.

All faculty members who hold tenure or tenure-line appointments at the University will be automatically, annually, appointed to the graduate faculty.

Ad hoc graduate faculty appointments

Persons who are not otherwise included in the school's faculty, who hold a faculty appointment in another school, are actively involved in graduate education (e.g., advising, serving on thesis, prospectus, and/or dissertation committees), may be nominated by a school dean to be appointed to the faculty of The Graduate School. An appointment to the graduate faculty is not necessary for teaching graduate courses. These nominations may occur at any time during the academic year. Appointments to the graduate faculty of non-tenured or tenure-track persons are made for a term of four years and may be renewed.

Requesting an appointment

To request an ad-hoc appointment please complete the Ad-Hoc Graduate Faculty Appointment Request form. The form will require you to upload a current CV and a brief letter of support from the chair of the department in which you will be advising students. Once submitted, the form will routed to the appropriate school associate dean who must approve before TGS’s final review. If and when approved by TGS, the submitter will receive a letter of approval for a standard 4-year term appointment and be added to TGS’s lookup tool in SES.


Email TGS Academic Affairs with questions.