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Thank you for your interest in The Graduate School at Northwestern.

Our admission pages are designed to help you easily navigate the application process. Please follow the steps below to review if TGS is right for you and learn how to submit your admission application.

  1. Review Before You Apply Considerations

    Visit the Before You Apply page to assess if TGS is an appropriate match for your interests and needs.

  2. Explore Programs

    TGS offers degrees in more than 70 disciplines. Find a program that fits your interests and academic goals. Browse academic programs.

  3. Review TGS Requirements

    Review TGS’s Application Requirements and Application Deadlines web pages to learn more about the basic admission requirements.

  4. Check Your Program's Requirements

    Many academic programs have separate application deadlines and requirements beyond what is listed on TGS’s website. For a list of the academic programs and their websites, please see the Academic Programs page.

  5. Submit Your Application

    Go online to submit your application and pay the application fee. (Note: application fees are paid via credit card only.) If your program requires mailed materials, send those items to your program directly. Start your online application.

  6. View Admissions Decision

    An admissions decision will be posted to your online application. Response times vary depending on the program. Review the Evaluation Process and Admission Decision and Enrollment pages for more information. 

  7. Apply for Aid (if applicable)

    To review loan, assistantship and fellowship options, please visit our Funding section.

  8. Review Next Steps (if admitted)

    See the enrollment procedures for Newly Admitted Students. You can also visit our Orientation page for upcoming dates and an overview of the program.