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Interdisciplinary Graduate Assistantships & Supplemental Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Graduate Assistantships are opportunities for students through their 5th year which do not count towards a student’s 20 quarters of funding. They offer the chance for students to obtain academic and professional development experience, and to explore special interests in other areas.


Students are eligible to be funded on these assistantships in their secondthrough fifthyear, and students from humanities and social sciences programs may “bank” up to four quarters of University funding to be used during their sixth year at the discretion of their home school. 

Due to COVID-19, for FY2022 only, students may be funded on Interdisciplinary GAships through their 7th year. Interdisciplinary GAship quarters for 6th and 7th year students are not bankable since quarters may still only be banked through year 5.

Programs with Interdisciplinary Graduate Assistantships

The programs funded by The Graduate School (TGS) include: 

Professional Development Supplemental Opportunities 

The following professional development supplemental opportunities provide a small amount of funding in addition to students’ regular funding. It is expected that students who undertake these opportunities are already receiving full-funding on a fellowship, or as a graduate assistant or research assistant

Every graduate assistant in TGS must meet the eligibility requirements set for all students receiving financial aid.  Please review the  Regulations Governing Recipients of University Assistance  for more information.