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Spring Quarter TGS Activity Fee and U-Pass Access

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the fact that many courses will be taught remotely this spring, The Graduate School will not charge a Spring Quarter activity fee for full-time students and will not activate any U-Pass transit cards for the Spring Quarter unless you choose to opt in.

If you do not plan to use your U-Pass during the Spring Quarter, no further action is needed. Your U-Pass will be inactive, and you will not be charged the Spring Quarter activity fee.

Opting In for Spring Quarter

If you are a full-time student and plan to use your U-Pass during the Spring Quarter, please complete this opt-in form. We will activate your U-Pass, and a Spring Quarter activity fee of $125 will be applied to your student account. Please note, the Spring Quarter begins on Tuesday, March 30 and ends on Sunday, June 20.

Depending on how often you plan to use your U-Pass during the Spring Quarter, it may be more affordable to pay the activity fee of $125 for continuous service or to pay out of pocket. Please refer to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) fare chart to help make the decision that is best for you. Please also visit the CTA Coronavirus webpage to read more about their safety measures and additional tips for riders.

  • If you already have a U-Pass and choose to opt in, your Spring Quarter U-Pass benefits will be activated on Tuesday, March 30 (or on the next business day after you opt in). 
  • If you do not already have a U-Pass and choose to opt in, one will need to be issued:
    • Please ensure that your photo has been submitted to the Wildcard Office and that your current address is up to date in CAESAR, then fill in the opt-in form.
    • You will then be provided the option to have your U-Pass card mailed to you or to pick up your card by appointment at The Graduate School's Evanston office located in the Rebecca Crown Center. 
    • If you choose to pick up your card, appointments will be available after the Spring Quarter Wildcat Wellness period ends on Tuesday, April 6.
    • Once you receive your U-Pass, you will need to activate it following the instructions on the card sleeve.

Activation Deadlines

  • In order for your U-Pass to be activated at the start of Spring Quarter on Tuesday, March 30, please complete the opt-in form by Thursday, March 11. Students with active Winter Quarter U-Passes are encouraged to opt in by March 11 to avoid any interruption in their U-Pass service.
  • If you are unsure of your Spring Quarter plans, you may opt in any time before Tuesday, May 4, but your U-Pass will not be active until the next business day after you complete the form.
  • Once you choose to opt in and your U-Pass has been activated, you will not be able to change your decision due to our contractual obligations with the CTA/Ventra. In addition, per our contract, we will not be able to honor any new U-Pass activation requests for the Spring Quarter after Tuesday, May 4.

U-Pass Eligibility

Students enrolled in the Online Master of Arts in Counseling Program through The Family Institute, TGS 512 (continuous registration), TGS 514, or a co-op internship are notcharged an activity fee and are not eligible for the services it provides.

Activity Fee Waivers

If you previously applied for and/or were approved for an activity fee waiver for the Spring Quarter, opting in for the U-Pass will supersede the waiver, and you will be charged the activity fee. Otherwise, you do not need to submit an activity fee waiver request since TGS is only charging an activity fee for the Spring Quarter to those who are using their U-Pass.

Legal Services

All TGS eligible students will retain access to TGS Legal Services, which is also covered by the quarterly activity fee.


Please email with any questions.