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Letters of Recommendation

The Graduate School's (TGS) admission committees are interested in letters of recommendation from those who are most able to assess your academic, professional, and research abilities in areas related to your field of study. 

When considering a recommender, choose individuals familiar with your work who can speak to your academic and research accomplishments and your potential for graduate study. Contact your recommenders before inputting their contact information on the application to confirm they are available to write a letter of recommendation. Make sure to give your recommenders plenty of time before your application deadline to submit their letter of recommendation. It can also be helpful to send your recommenders information on why you are applying to your program of choice and what you want to accomplish academically and professionally. 

TGS requires a minimum of two letters of recommendation. Some departments may require more than two letters, so please consult your specific program’s website to determine if additional letters are necessary.

NOTE: All letters of recommendation must be submitted through the online application.