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Is the certificate equivalent of an MBA degree?

The certificate program is designed to introduce doctoral students to basic business skills and takes content from the MBA curriculum. It cannot replace an MBA degree. On average Kellogg MBA students have five years of work experience and take up to 24management and leadership courses of 30 hours each to earn their MBA. 


May I apply to this certificate program if I am not currently a Northwestern University student?

Only current Northwestern TGS doctoral students are eligible to apply for this certificate offering. We do not accept applications from other PhD students.

Can I apply if I am still taking my regular PhD course work?

Only those doctoral students who are finished with their coursework and qualifying exams will be eligible. Students with an excellent academic and research track record are encouraged to apply. We will review every applicant’s completed application along with the application essay, recommendation letter, CV and transcript. 

How many students will be accepted to the program?

Fifty students will be accepted each year.

What is the registration cost to the student?

The program will be free for accepted students. The cost is supported by The Graduate School.

May I miss a day of class? What if I miss part of a day?

Attendance for the full day of all eight sessions is required in order to receive the certificate. Requests for absences in order to attend conferences, workshops, classes, or other events will not be granted. Instances in which an absence cannot be avoided, such as death in the family or extreme illness with a doctor's note may be excused at the discretion of The Graduate School. Students with unexcused absences will be required to drop the course or receive an incomplete. They will not receive the certificate.