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Payments and Deadlines

Review this page for information on student health insurance subsidies, payment procedures, and enrollment deadlines.

Health insurance subsidy

The health insurance subsidy is provided to TGS students who are enrolled full-time (other than TGS-512) and enrolled in the Northwestern University’s student health insurance plan (NU-SHIP). The health insurance subsidy is provided to TGS students only.  Dependents/spouses may be enrolled in the plan, but a subsidy is not provided.


All graduate students receiving monthly stipend checks are eligible to pay for health insurance and/or graduate housing on a monthly basis for up to 12 months, depending on the term of their appointments. Please note that the health insurance deduction will appear as a 'tuition' deduction on the paychecks of students.

To initiate this service, the student must complete the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and return it to the appropriate office listed below between July 1 and September 1. In order to process the September payroll, a completed form must be submitted to the appropriate office no later than September 1. Once the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form has been submitted and processed, the amount indicated on the form will be automatically deducted from your stipend check. A Payroll Deduction Authorization Form must be completed and submitted annually.

Students not receiving monthly stipend checks and whose departments are not paying the difference of the insurance subsidy must pay in full at time of billing. If students are unable to make a full payment, they should contact the Office of Student Accounts at the above addresses or phone numbers to request other arrangements.


July 1 to October 1:  Fall Open Enrollment.

September 1:  A completed Payroll Deduction Authorization Form is due to the Evanston or Chicago branch of the Office of Student Accounts.

October 1:  Final Fall Response deadline. All students who have not either (1) enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Plan, or (2) submitted a Coverage Selection Form waiving the NU plan with proof of coverage meeting the university standards will be enrolled in the university’s student health plan.Pay