Internal Grants

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The Graduate School (TGS) sponsors a number of internal grants for students at all stages of their graduate experience. Please visit the individual web page of each grant for details on eligibility and application instructions.

TGS strongly encourages students to apply for external grants as well. Information on external awards and the services available to students interested in applying for outside funds should visit our external fellowships page. Those applying for fellowships should also review the Regulations for All Recipients of University Assistance.

Title Field of Study Audience
Career Development Grant Humanities, Social Science PhD or MFA students
Catalyst Grant All Fields Graduate student/postdoc groups, faculty,
academic programs
Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts (CIRA) Graduate Student Grant Arts PhD or master's students
Conference Travel Grant (CTG) All Fields PhD or MFA students
Dependent Care Professional Development Grant All Fields PhD or MFA students
Digital Humanities Research Grant Humanities PhD students 
Mellon Cluster Catalyst Grant Humanities and Non-Quantitative Social Sciences PhD students, faculty, clusters, centers, programs
Mellon Interdisciplinary Conference Travel Grant Humanities and Non-Quantitative Social Sciences PhD students affiliated with Mellon clusters
Northwestern University-SSRC Dissertation Proposal Development Program​ Humanities and Social Sciences PhD students
Professional Development Grant All fields Programs, clusters, and/or graduate student or postdoc groups
Summer Language Grant (SLG) Humanities, Social Science, Music PhD students
University Research Grants Committee (URGC) Awards:
Graduate Research Grant (GRG)
All fields PhD or MFA students
Beiling Wu Prize in Writing Humanities PhD or MFA students