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Fellowships and Grants

The Graduate School (TGS) provides most doctoral degree-seeking students with the opportunity to receive fellowships and scholarships as a part of the student’s overall funding packageFellowships typically provide students with a monthly stipend and a tuition scholarshipMany incoming doctoral students receive some form of fellowship and scholarship during the first year of study. 

All doctoral students within their first five years of study have the opportunity to apply for either internal or external fellowships to support research and dissertation writing during their academic career at Northwestern. All awards made by TGS are based upon merit. 

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Every  student in TGS must meet the eligibility requirements set for all students receiving financial aid. In addition, students receiving University funding (stipend and/or tuition scholarships) must inform their program and TGS of other sources of support (such as external funding or School of Professional Studies teaching or other fellowships). 

In cases where alternative/external funding is available, arrangements will be made to integrate this funding with TGS funding. Students do not receive external funding on top of their full Northwestern funding. A student who is offered both a University fellowship and an external award is expected to accept the outside support, and should consult their program before a decision is made. 

Furthermore, fellows and scholars must refrain from remunerative work (other than teaching or research directly related to their assistantships) unless a permission to work is granted by TGS.  

Please Note: Fellows are not expected to perform service, teach, or assist in laboratories in return for their fellowship awards unless such duties are required of all doctoral students in the department.