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This information applies to the current academic year and is updated periodically. Graduate programs may have additional requirements. In addition to TGS and program policies, graduate students are subject to and should be aware of University policies pertaining to students.  

Failure to read this information does not excuse a student from knowing and complying with its content. 

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  1. Academic Calendar
  2. Academic Integrity
  3. Ad Hoc Combined Degrees
  4. Certificate Requirements
  5. Change in Degree Sought
  6. Diversity Statement
  7. General Registration Policies
  8. Graduation and Diploma Mailing
  9. Leaves of Absence
  10. Master's Degree Requirements
  11. Parental Accommodation
  12. Patent and Invention Policy
  13. PhD Degree Requirements
  14. Program Transfer
  15. Readmission
  16. Satisfactory Academic Progress
  17. Student Funding Policies
  18. Student Handbook and Code of Conduct
  19. Teaching
  20. Withdrawal

Changes to policies

Northwestern University reserves the right to change without notice any statement contained on this site concerning, but not limited to, rules, policies, tuition, fees, curricula, and courses. Archives of these policies and procedures for each academic year can be found in the University's Academic Catalog Archives.