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Our Mission

The Graduate School enhances Northwestern University’s academic excellence and reputation by providing centralized support and services across the graduate community.

We advocate for excellent graduate and advanced educational opportunities; cultivate a healthy, inclusive, and equitable experience; and connect graduate students and postdoctoral trainees with supportive communities and engagement opportunities.

Strategic approach

In order to achieve our mission, our strategic approach at The Graduate School is to:



  • A diverse graduate student and postdoctoral trainee population
  • An equitable graduate student experience across Northwestern
  • A clearly defined postdoctoral trainee experience across Northwestern
  • Mentorship for all graduate students and postdoctoral trainees
  • Comprehensive academic and professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral trainees


  • Recruitment and retention of diverse graduate student and postdoctoral trainee populations
  • Clear processes and empathetic support systems
  • Resources and support for excellence in interdisciplinary scholarship and research
  • A comprehensive approach to graduate student and postdoctoral trainee wellness and engagement in collaboration with campus partners
  • The global leadership abilities of graduate students and postdoctoral trainees


Current and prospective graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, graduate faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni with:

  • Each other, facilitating collaboration and fostering community
  • Information, centrally gathered and shared
  • Supportive communities and global opportunities
  • Experts and resources within and beyond Northwestern
  • Partners in recruitment, engagement, and academic and professional development