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Updates to Northwestern Printing Services Beginning Late June 2023

The NUPrint service run by the University Libraries will be replaced in late June 2023 (after Commencement) with a new Managed Print Service (MPS). The new service will be branded Northwestern Print and will provide unified print services across both campuses for faculty, staff, and students. Northwestern University is partnering with Ricoh to implement this service. Ricoh devices will provide print, copy, and scanning functionality.   

What’s Staying the Same 

This new solution will function very similarly to NUPrint:

  • Northwestern University students will continue to pay for their printing and copying in Northwestern Print. 
  • The University Libraries, McCormick computer labs, and other areas currently in NUPrint, such as Norris Center will continue to provide student-accessible printers. 
  • Remaining student balances in NUPrint will be transferred into Northwestern Print once the migration off NUPrint has been completed. The University Libraries do not provide refunds for funds that are unused by graduation.
  • Follow me printing (release your print job at any available Northwestern Print device).
  • Touchless print job release—tap to print with Wildcards or from mobile devices using QR codes. 
What’s Changing  

The Northwestern Print program offers new features, including: 

  • Additional printers may be available to students throughout campus.
  • Alternative print options include email-to-print, mobility print, and web print. 
  • Cash will no longer be an option in Northwestern Print.
  • To use Northwestern Print, use the GET app to add funds to your Cat Cash account. 
  • Reduced printing costs.
  • Black and white printing – $0.03 per page (double-sided or single-sided).
  • Color printing – $0.10 per page.
  • Plotter costs – $2.50 per square foot.

Detailed information on student printing in Northwestern Print will be available on the University Library’s website once the new solution is in production. The University Library will continue to provide support for student printing. Any questions concerning the move to Northwestern Print can be directed to