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Important Changes for Graduate Student International Travelers

The Office of Global Safety and Security (OGSS) has a number of important updates for university-sponsored graduate students who will be traveling abroad, independently or in a group.                                 

Revised Webpage (for Graduate Students)

One of OGSS’s most important goals for the current school year is to improve their engagement with graduate student travelers and pent a good deal of time over the summer trying to improve the overall process. As a first step, they have revised the Graduate Student Travel Policies page. Please note: the travel requirements and recommendations are now separated by type of travel – group or independent.

Updates to OGSS's Graduate Student Travel Details Collection Processes

OGSS has also revamped their procedures for tracking graduate student travel, which included revisions of our Qualtrics survey for Independent travelers and a NEW Qualtrics survey to collect data on graduate student group trips. These changes are already helping OGSS to streamline their data collection processes which will keep them better informed of where and when travel occurs. They would like to thank everyone who provided feedback regarding this over the summer.

New Protocol for Registering Graduate Group Trips

As a result, OGSS is moving away from past methods of collecting information on group travel. From now on, a trip organizer must register each graduate student GROUP trip using this form, which can also be found on their website under the Group Travelers tab (or in the purple box). OGSS has done their best to streamline this survey and make it as easy as possible for the trip organizer, while still collecting the information they need. Please complete the survey for each trip that you are administering at the beginning of each quarter, or 6-8 weeks before departure. OGSS will email periodic reminders to help you adapt to this new process/schedule. 

OGSS is excited to implement these processes and to further collaborate with you on other initiatives to support the health, safety and well-being of graduate student international travelers.

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