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Apply for Leadership Coaching by September 24

Today's world is calling for a generation of powerful leaders to step up, and no single formula can make all leaders effective. The Center for Leadership's philosophy rests in authentic leadership, focusing on developing each student leader's distinct talents rather than trying to mold a sole idea of what leadership looks like. 

So, this Fall, the Center for Leadership invites you to take part in the Leadership Coaching program to discover how to grow into the best leader you can be. Their coaches will guide you through a process of experimentation, reflection, and action that is based on where you are now. You'll meet with your Leadership Coach for four one-hour sessions throughout the quarter and discuss your goals, current issues, and personal development. 

Applications are now open! The deadline to apply is Tuesday, September 24. A limited number of coaches are available, so applying early is encouraged. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at