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McKinsey & Company APD Applications Due July 14

McKinsey & Company is seeking candidates to fill multiple positions in 2020. Visit their Advanced Professional Degree Showcase site for more information about their offices & practices, diversity & inclusion, and recruiting timelines geared toward Advanced Professional Degree candidates.

You may also be interested in exploring their Careers quiz to learn more about roles available that match your skill set and interests.


Please apply by Sunday, July 14 on McKinsey's career website for the following opportunities:

  • Full-time associate role: PhDs, postdocs, MDs, JDs, and master's degree* candidates who plan to complete their program between December 2019 and December 2020 (or 2021 for MDs only)
  • Summer associate intern role: JDs only who are graduating in 2021
  • MD fellow role: Medical students who are entering their third year of school (2021 graduates)

If you have a passion for digital and technology topics, consider joining Digital McKinsey by selecting Digital McKinsey (and an office) in the office preference section of the Associate application. 

If you are interested in technical roles, the application deadline is Monday, October 7. This includes both full-time and internship roles for 2020. 

*If you are pursuing a master’s degree and have earned an undergraduate degree fewer than four years ago, you will join as a business analyst. If you hold a bachelor’s degree and have at least four years of work experience, or completed or expect to complete your master's degree within four years of receiving your bachelor's degree, you will join as an associate.


McKinsey & Company wants you to succeed in the interview process and believes that you have the skills to do so. They provide support to all candidates who interview.You can find more information about their interview process, including practice cases on our careers website.

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