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Holocaust Educational Foundation - Graduate Assistantship

The Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University (HEF) is dedicated to promoting teaching and research about the Holocaust at the college and university level. This mission is furthered through a variety of programs, including the biennial Lessons and Legacies conference; the annual Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization; Teaching and Research Grant competitions; and on-campus events.

Graduate Assistant Responsibilities

The graduate student assistant will be responsible for assisting HEF of NU Staff to carry out the daily operation of a university-based non-profit organization. Activities include directing and responding to email; coordinating logistics related to some or all of HEF of NU’s programs, both independently and with staff members; creating and disseminating biannual newsletters; gathering information about Holocaust course offerings, syllabi, and publications; and data collection for our ongoing Holocaust Course Survey.

Time Commitment

The HEF graduate assistant will work ten hours per week for three quarters during the academic year (Fall 2019 – Spring 2020).  The GA will be trained by and report frequently to the Assistant Director. The Director and Assistant Director will provide regular guidance and support.

Who Should Apply

HEF of NU seeks a GA who is committed to learning about and contributing to the daily operation of a university-based non-profit. We are not seeking particular skills. Instead, we offer a great opportunity to work in an alt-ac environment and gain the experience and skills such an environment requires, but which are not typically part of graduate education. A positive attitude, enthusiasm for HEF’s mission, and the ability to work alone and with others are the most important qualities we seek.

  • Student must be a PhD student in the humanities or humanistic social sciences and within years 2 – 5 of their academic program for the duration of the assistantship
  • Student must be in good academic standing
  • Student must have the approval of the program Director of Graduate Study and primary thesis advisor
To Apply

Please send a letter of interest that includes availability, a short CV, and a letter of support from your advisor. Each should be no longer than one page.

Send all application materials to (with subject line “Application for HEF Graduate Assistantship”) by Friday, June 7.

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