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Register Now for Spring Quarter Writing Consultations & Workshops

Make an Appointment in the Graduate Writing Place

Get your quarter off to a running start by booking an appointment in the Graduate Writing Place. Consultants can help you revise proposals or articles, outline or organize dissertation chapters, hone materials for your job search, and much more. Appointments are available on the Evanston campus or online. to book an appointment, visit The Writing Place's online schedule. For more information about the Graduate Writing Place, click here.

Register for Cross-Disciplinary Writing Workshops

Register now to attend spring quarter cross-disciplinary writing workshops. Workshops last only 90 minutes, but provide a wealth of information and resources to students about various aspects of academic writing. This quarter the six workshops cover topics such as writing cover letters, preparing and delivering conference papers, and much more. For descriptions, details, and links to register, click here.

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