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Chicago Field Studies Graduate Assistant Needs for Academic Year 2019-20

Graduate Assistant (3 terms – Fall, Winter, & Spring):

Chicago Field Studies (CFS) is seeking an Instructor for CFS 392-0 Field Studies in Public Health (FSPH) 

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Create, develop and implement syllabus for Field Studies in Public Health based on previous syllabi and the goals of the program.

    Course Description: This Field Studies in Public Health course will allow students to explore current issues and themes in public health while reflecting upon their internship experiences at local organizations whose mission contributes to the health of the public. Course discussions will provide an opportunity to learn more about the scope of the field, and will encourage students to consider their own potential role within the discipline.

    The course will focus on discussion of the salient issues in public health, as outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in order to explore broader themes. As a class, we will select from some of the “hot topics” in the field, and students will be responsible for helping to provide some course content to maximize its relevance to their interests and their internships. We will discuss these issues and controversies and relate them to the broader theory and organization of public health: which institutions, sub-disciplines, and individuals are involved in the issue, what are the best strategies for addressing the health of the public, and ultimately, how do these strategies connect with the driving philosophy behind the field?

    Learning Objectives for CFS 392-0 Field Studies in Public Health (FSPH):

    By the end of the quarter, students will be able to:
    • Define “Public Health” and its major areas of focus.
    • Understand the history and structure of public health in the United States, and in the city of Chicago.
    • Identify critical issues in public health, including key challenges that public health institutions and organizations face today, and evaluate the ways in which these goals can be achieved in practice.
    • Compare and contrast theoretical conversations about Public Health to internship experiences in the field.
    • Describe the mission, structure, and practice of at least one public health organization in detail.
    • Exhibit sharpened writing and revising skills.

  • Ability to teach content of public health course – understanding of health/medicine workplace culture, and issues in public health today, as well as careers in public health. 
Learning objectives for GA:

Graduate Assistants will learn:

  • How to design a robust experiential-learning course around topics in public health, including all course content and assignments.
  • How to create—or continually work towards creating—an inclusive learning environment for all students.
  • Teaching practice. 
Length of time for GA: Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters
  • Prior to Fall quarter: Research (observe CFS courses, review past syllabi) and develop course syllabus, finalized and approved by Professor Liz McCabe by mid-September 2019
  • Fall Quarter 2019: Teach and grade undergraduate students in FSPH
  • Winter Quarter 2020: Teach and grade undergraduate students in FSPH
  • Spring Quarter 2020: Teach and grade undergraduate students in FSPH
Weekly time commitment: 
  • Fall Quarter: 3 hours of teaching a week plus time to prepare and grade
  • Winter Quarter: 3 hours of teaching a week plus time to prepare and grade
  • Spring Quarter: 3 hours of teaching a week plus time to prepare and grade
Skills and experience:
  • Required: Previous teaching experience
  • Required: Graduate student in 3rd, 4th or 5th year of studies
  • Preferred: Graduate student in Biological or Medical Anthropology, or related field
  • Preferred: Experience working, researching, educating or interning in the public health sector
To apply, submit:
  • a cover letter explaining why you are interested, qualified, and competitive for this role;
  • a current CV;
  • any relevant CTEC or course evaluations
to: James Farr at, Liz McCabe at, and Karen A. Allen at

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