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2019 Dissertation Proposal Development Program Participants

We are pleased to announce the 2019 participants of the Northwestern University-Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Dissertation Proposal Development (DPD) Program.

In 2016, Northwestern received a three-year grant from the SSRC to bring together humanities and social science scholars in pre-doctoral research summer institutes. This year, four Northwestern faculty members, César Braga-Pinto (Department of Spanish & Portuguese), Leslie M. Harris(Department of History), Nitasha Sharma (Department of African American Studies), and Mary Weismantel (Department of Anthropology), will guide 24 humanities and social science second- and third-year PhD students from Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago in designing effective research questions, methodologies, contexts, and interventions.
These students will participate in interdisciplinary, faculty-led workshops in June and September 2019. Each participant also receives up to $5,000 for a 6-10 week summer research project.
A complete list of the 2019 participants is included below. Please join us in congratulating them on this opportunity.

Best wishes,

Angela G. Ray, PhD and Stephanie Brehm, PhD
Lead Administrator and Program Coordinator

Northwestern University – SSRC
Dissertation Proposal Development Program
2019 Participants

  • Enrique Alvear, University of Illinois at Chicago, Sociology
    • Circuits of Neoliberalization: Gang Enforcement in Chicago and Santiago, Chile
  • Claire Arnold, Northwestern University, History (WCAS)
    • The Intimacy of Distance: British Families Around the World, 1780-1914
  • Jessy Bell, Northwestern University, Art History (WCAS)
    • A View of the World to Come: Spatializing Futures and Revolutionary Hope in Soviet and Yugoslav Architecture and Urban Planning (1922–1974)
  • Allena G. Berry, Northwestern University, Learning Sciences (SESP)
    • Historical Imagination in History Classrooms: How Ideology Mediates the Narratives We Construct about the Past, Present, and Future
  • Andrew Born, University of Illinois at Chicago, Urban Planning and Policy
    • Race, Place, and Collaboration: Understanding Urban Governance in Chicago during the Great Black Exodus
  • Marissa Croft, Northwestern University, Communication Studies/Rhetoric and Public Culture (SoC)
    • State of Dress: Rhetorically Fashioning the Ideal Republican Citizen in France, 1789–1799
  • Bright Gyamfi, Northwestern University, History (WCAS)
    • Ghanaian Intellectuals and the Global Development of African Studies, 1966–1992
  • Kévin Irakóze, University of Chicago, Philosophy
    • Impersonal Forms of Justice
  • Benjamin Jones, Northwestern University, Art History (WCAS)
    • What We Cain't Do: Pedagogy and the Art of Charles White, Elizabeth Catlett, and Dewey Crumpler.
  • Mendel Kranz, University of Chicago, Religious Studies
    • In the Shadows of Colonialism: Jewish and Postcolonial Identity in 20th-Century France
  • Yujie Li, University of Chicago, History
    • Wheels and Sweat: Bicycles, Wheelbarrows and Horse-drawn Carts in the Everyday Life of Socialist China, 1949-1976
  • Gervais Marsh, Northwestern University, Performance Studies (SoC)
    • A Wi Seh Slackness: Exploring Representations of Sexualities in the Queer Caribbean
  • Julissa Muñiz, Northwestern University, Human Development and Social Policy (SESP)
    • “I Don't Think Any Kid Should Be Here”: Schooling and Learning in the Carceral Context
  • Idil Ozkan, Northwestern University, Anthropology (WCAS)
    • Jewish Memory in Spain: Language Ideologies, Citizenship, Homeland
  • Kenneth Pass, Northwestern University, Sociology (WCAS)
    • Diagnosing Blackness: AIDS, Science, and the Evolution of Black Politics
  • Matthew Peterson, University of Chicago, Religious Studies
    • Suspension of Belief: The Religious Afterlives of Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis
  • José L. Ramirez, University of Illinois at Chicago, Latin America and the Caribbean History
    • The Ultimate Expression of Revolution, War: The Initial Years of the Salvadoran Civil War (1980-1983)
  • Kaelin Rapport, Northwestern University, Anthropology (WCAS)
    • Health in the Carceral Capital: Lived Experiences of Black Men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Sangi Ravichandran, University of Illinois at Chicago, Sociology
    • Racializing the Human Genome: The Development of DNA from an Evidentiary to a Surveillance Tool
  • Catalina Rodriguez, Northwestern University, Spanish and Portuguese (WCAS)
    • Writing Like a Woman: Gendered Pseudonyms in Nineteenth-century Latin America (1830-1899)
  • Angela Tate, Northwestern University, History (WCAS)
    • "You Got to Disturb the Peace When You Can't Get No Peace": Race, Citizenship, and Aesthetics of Black Womanhood in the Global Freedom Struggle, 1919-1994
  • Benjamin Weissman, Northwestern University, Musicology/Music (Bienen)
    • “Simply Voice, Human Voice”: Extending and Disassembling Voice in Institutions of Musical Experimentation, ca. 1971-1985
  • Jacob Wilkenfeld, Northwestern University, Spanish and Portuguese (WCAS)
    • Diasporic Stories: Cultural Hybridity in Jewish-Brazilian and Jewish-American Fiction Since 1940
  • Benjamin Zender, Northwestern University, Performance Studies (SoC)
    • Queer, Black, Feminist Trash: Abject Object Orientations and Collecting Communities

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