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TGS Life Science Commercialization Course

The Graduate School (TGS) in conjunction with the Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC) is offering "TGS 516 Commercialization in Context: Life Sciences," a new course for spring 2019 course on Wednesday evenings in Weiboldt Hall, focused on the commercialization of life science research with a special emphasis on intellectual property. This offering is a Life Science adaptation of a course originally developed and taught by inventors/
commercialization agents in the Kellogg School of Management.

Why?: Researchers and PhD students in the life science are constantly pushing the frontiers of knowledge, creating new capabilities and technologies. The intellectual property (IP) system exists to reward their inventive/ knowledge enhancing behaviors. This course explores how life scientists may procure and leverage IP rights on the path to commercialization. An understanding of innovation policy and the IP system helps a scientist contribute to and capture value over their entire career.

Who?: All TGS Life Science students will be eligible to enroll in the Spring Quarter 2019 offering. Kellogg faculty will organize, plan and teach the Alpha offering, in collaboration with representatives from TGS and the CBC. University of Chicago and University of Illinois at Chicago students may join.

How?: Enrollment is open until Wednesday, March 20. Enrollment confirmations will go out on Wednesday, March 20 and you will be asked to confirm your participation by Friday, March 22. 


Questions?: Please email Liz Stein, PhD, TGS Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Training and Development.

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