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Research Assistant Opening with Buffett Institute for Global Studies

Global Banking and Finance Working Group

The Buffett Institute for Global Studies is supporting a Global Working Group on “interoperability” in the digital financial economy. The group is bringing together central bankers, people from the Fintek industry, lawyers involved in these matters, and academics from a variety of disciplines—from anthropology to management studies to economics to law—from around the world.

Lack of interoperability and poorly regulated digital payment service providers have eroded public trust in and use of conventional financial instruments. Ultimately, as societies become more digitized, policymakers must promote the more efficient digital banks and currencies while also ensuring consumer security. If this progress and balance is not achieved, there will be greater social disruption, instability, and inequality in the world.

The group anticipates three interconnected workstreams to address lack of interoperability:

  1.      understand fragmentation
  2.      verify opportunities and risk of interoperability
  3.      investigate processes of international standard setting

Over a 2-3-year period, and through a series of online discussions and intensive meetings, the members will follow a comprehensive plan for research and advocacy. The goal is to produce publications, international standards, and nuanced recommendations for stakeholders such as bankers, regulators, and industry tech experts.

Research Assistant Position

The role will take an estimated 15-20 hours per week over a period of 4-6 weeks, with the following goals: 

  1.      identifying, reviewing and categorizing the key reference texts on payment systems
  2.      summarizing the notable themes, proposals and blind spots in such texts
  3.      naming and evaluating the most active and influential perspectives on the subject

The assistant will conduct the review under the guidance of key Working Group leaders based at Buffett, in Japan, and in Australia.

To apply: Please send CV to Emory Erker-Lynch as soon as possible. The application deadline is Friday, January 25The RAship will start as soon as possible.