The Graduate School staff works closely with the staff and faculty of its partner schools. For specific information about a particular school or graduate program, we encourage you to contact that school or program directly. You will find this information by visiting the academic programs list.

Need more information about how TGS is structured? View our organizational chart.

Office of the Dean

Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD | Dean & Associate Provost
Teresa K. Woodruff was appointed the Dean of The Graduate School and Associate Provost for Graduate Education in September 2017. Read full bio.
Gayle E. Woloschak, PhD | Associate Dean for Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Affairs

Gayle Woloschak was appointed Associate Dean for Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Affairs in September 2018. Read full bio.

Angela G. Ray, PhD | Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Angela G. Ray, PhD

Phone: 847-467-3267

Angela G. Ray was appointed Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in September 2017. Read full bio.

Emily Updegraff, PhD | Chief of Staff
Emily Updegraff, PhD

Phone: 847-491-3226

Emily Updegraff was named Chief of Staff in September 2019. Read full bio.
Alison Tange | Executive Assistant to the Dean of The Graduate School and Associate Provost for Graduate Education
Alison Tange

Phone: 847-467-6613

Academic Affairs

Faculty and Staff: contact with routine cluster administration, progress review scheduling, mentoring events and curriculum review questions.

Angela Ripp | Assistant Director, Academic Affairs
Angela Ripp

Phone: 847-467-4459

Stephanie Brehm, PhD | Assistant Director for Academic and Strategic Initiatives
Stephanie Brehm, PhD

Phone: 847-491-6703

Eric Long | Academic Affairs Assistant
Eric Long

Phone: 847-467-6858

Admissions & Recruitment

Faculty/Staff: Contact with admission policy and process questions. Applicants: Please contact your individual admitting department directly.

Nick Alena | Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Nick Alena

Phone: 847-491-3421

Cate Herscher | Program Assistant, Admissions and Recruitment
Cate Herscher

Phone: 847-491-8536

Communications & Outreach

Contact for website updates, dean letters, TGS Wire and event listings, and to submit contact information for academic programs.

Rich Cohrs | Director of Communications & Outreach
Rich Cohrs

Phone: 847-467-7693

Jaclyn Hugg | Associate Director, Alumni Engagement
Jaclyn Hugg

Phone: 847-467-6632

Bobby Bobbitt-Bullock | Communications Coordinator
Bobby Bobbitt-Bullock

Phone: 847-467-5871

Diversity and Inclusion

For all diversity and inclusion inquiries, please email:

Damon L. Williams | Assistant Dean, Diversity & Inclusion
Damon L. Williams

Phone: 847-491-3534

Erica Knight | Senior Program Coordinator
Erica Knight

Phone: 847-467-7089

Rashaad Barnett | Program Coordinator
Rashaad Barnett

Phone: 847-461-7334

English Language Programs

Contact for information about English language instruction and orientation services for international students; and for questions about proficiency testing and policies. 

Julia Moore, PhD | Director of English Language Programs
Julia Moore, PhD

Phone: 847-491-5776

Erin Leddon | Associate Director of English Language Programs
Erin Leddon

Phone: 847-467-7092

Jennifer Alexander | Program Associate and Lecturer
Jennifer Alexander

Phone: 847-491-3847

Brian Hampson | Program Coordinator
Brian Hampson

Phone: 847-467-6053

Autumn Bryant | Speech Language Pathologist
Autumn Bryant

Phone: 847-491-8050

Family Resources

This office works to provide family resources to graduate students who are parents.

Lesley Lundeen | Family Resource Liaison
Lesley Lundeen

Phone: 847-467-1460
Contact for: Questions, resource information, or a personal consultation on balancing academic responsibilities and family life.

Financial Administration

For all TGS student funding inquiries (except student loans), please email:

For student loans, contact Student Financial Services.

Sergey Kucherenko | Associate Dean of Finance
Laura Soria | Associate Director of Graduate Student Funding and Operations
Laura Soria

Phone: 847-467-6026

Avni Soni | Manager, Financial Analysis
Avni Soni

Phone: 847-467-4166

Sam Okun-Perlin | Financial Coordinator
Sam Okun-Perlin

Phone: 847-467-1845

Christina Wouters | Financial Assistant
Christina Wouters

Phone: 847-467-6222

Graduate and Postdoctoral Training and Development

Contact for institutional training grant support; proposal development, best practices, policies and procedures, training grant data management. Contact for all matters involving Postdoctoral Fellows at Northwestern. Contact for engagement in professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Liz Stein, PhD | Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Training and Development
Liz Stein, PhD

Phone: 847-467-0827

Lindsey Martin, PhD | Assistant Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
Lindsey Martin, PhD

Phone: 847-467-3542

Becca Lamarre | Manager, Training Grant Support Office
Becca Lamarre

Phone: 312-503-4739

David Cosejo | Data Assistant, Training Grant Support Office
David Cosejo

Phone: 312-503-2779

Research & Analysis

Contact for information/data requests on graduate students and postdocs, TGS program statistics webpage, placement database, surveys, internal and external reporting.

Bill Artz | Director of Research and Analysis
Bill Artz

Phone: 847-491-8505

Samuel Herscher | Research Data Analyst
Samuel Herscher

Phone: 847-467-8867

Rebecca Nawls-Walker | Senior Data Assistant
Rebecca Nawls-Walker

Phone: 847-467-7465

Student Life

Contact for student organizations, Community Building Grants (CBG), activity fee inquires, and non-academic student life concerns.

Lauren-Ashley Buchanan, PhD | Associate Director, Student Life
Lauren-Ashley Buchanan, PhD

Phone: 847-491-8507

Student Services

For all student service inquiries, please email:

Kate Veraldi | Senior Director, Student Services
Kate Veraldi

Phone: 847-467-4108

Kristine Emrich | Assistant Director, Student Services
Kristine Emrich

Phone: 847-491-8469

Bianca West | Student Services Assistant
Bianca West

Phone: 847-491-7332