Emily Curtis Walters

Emily Curtis Walters: Storyteller and PhD Candidate in History

Emily Curtis Walters was not always passionate about history. She did, however, love hearing stories from the past. As a child, she spent many hours at her grandmother’s house that was filled with memorabilia. “I loved going through all of her stuff and fishing out the things that interested me,” Emily remembers. “My grandmother would tell me the story of each item, who it belonged to, and how it pertained to her life. I didn’t understand how that was history at the time.”

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Sriram Boothalingam

Sriram Boothalingam: Postdoctoral Fellow in Communication Sciences and Disorders

For Sriram Boothalingam, postdoctoral fellow in Communication Sciences, the best part about life at Northwestern is the depth of research and the great minds available in his chosen field of Audiology. “Northwestern is the birthplace of Audiology.” He says, “There are legends who I’ve known only from reading their papers and books, so it was an amazing opportunity to come here and interact with them in person.“

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Our Values

Picture of The Graduate School Dean Dwight A. McBride

“Certain core values are so essential to TGS that they inform every element of individual and institutional practice across all departments and activities.”

~ Dwight A. McBride, Dean of The Graduate School