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The Graduate School (TGS) promotes diversity in Northwestern's student population by helping to recruit a diverse student body and by providing support services to those students.

TGS's Office of Diversity & Inclusion hosts Introduction to Graduate Education at Northwestern, leads the Summer Research Opportunity Program, coordinates recruitment visits, partners with Admissions and Recruitment on awarding Diversity Fellowships, and oversees the issuing of our annual TGS Diversity Report.

Visit the pages listed below to learn more about TGS’s progress in recruiting, retaining, and supporting underrepresented minority students and women in the sciences across our doctoral programs.

Please contact Nsombi Ricketts, Assistant Dean of Diversity & Inclusion at TGS, at if you have questions or need more information.

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Diversity Statement

TGS makes it a priority to cultivate an environment that values diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. Read our Diversity Statement to learn more.

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Diversity Outreach

Learn more about the initiatives and resources that help underrepresented minority students apply for admission to our master’s and doctoral programs.

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Our Inclusive Community

Find out how TGS fosters a strong sense of community among diverse student groups.

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Fellowship Opportunities

Discover what fellowship opportunities are available and where to find support to apply for funding.
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Summer Research Opportunity Program

Learn more about how you can enhance your educational experience with this eight-week research opportunity.

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Our Partner Organizations

Discover even more resources through a list of links to our partner organizations.

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Our Reports on Diversity

Our annual Report on Diversity examines data collected on our PhD population over the last seven years.