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The Graduate School staff works closely with the staff and faculty of its partner schools.  For specific information about a particular school or graduate program, we encourage you to contact that school or program directly.  You will find this information by visiting the academic program list.  Please note: the Chicago campus office of The Graduate School may be reached directly by calling 312.503.8901. 

The Graduate School

Office of the Dean

The Graduate School Dean McBride Dwight A. McBride, PhD Dean of The Graduate School and Associate Provost for Graduate Education
sm Sarah McGill Senior Associate Dean for Administration & Planning
TGS Contact list Tracy Davis, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
wk William Karpus, PhD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs


Elizabeth K. Brasher Executive Assistant to the Dean & Associate Provost
nh Natalie Hudson Service Center Lead
angela Angela Amore Program Assistant, Service Center
Bianca Bianca Allen Program Assistant, Service Center

Academic Affairs

Assists faculty/staff with routine cluster administration, progress review scheduling, mentoring events, and curriculum review questions.
az Angela Ripp
Coordinator, Academic Affairs

Admissions and Recruitment

Assists faculty/staff with admission policy and process questions. Applicants should contact their individual admitting department directly.

TGS Contact Us Nick Alena Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Budget and Planning

Contact for strategic and financial planning, aid allocations, interdisciplinary cluster issues, and Kellogg/TGS partnership.

TGS Contact Us Monica Gerlach, PhD
Assistant Dean for Planning and Academic Resources
Avni Avni Soni Financial Data Analyst

Diversity & Inclusion

Nsombi Nsombi B. Ricketts
Director of Diversity & Inclusion

English Language Programming

Contact for information about English Language programs and services available for international students.

jmm Julia Moore, PhD
Director of English Language Programs
leddon Erin Leddon Associate Director of English Language Programs


Contact for website updates, TGS Wire and event listings, contact information for academic programs.

jw Josephine Whetstone Communications Manager


Contact for information about upcoming events.
Slomka headshot Matthew Slomka Director of Outreach and Special Programs

Financial Aid

Contact for everything financial aid except student loans.

TGS Contact Us Pat Mann Assistant Dean Financial Aid
TGS Contact Us Mary MacLean Financial Aid Coordinator: Assistantships
TGS Contact Us Mike Fernandez Program Assistant

Holocaust EducationAL Foundation

Contact for all inquiries relevant to the Holocaust Educational Foundation at Northwestern University. Visit for more information.

Frommer Benjamin Frommer, PhD Director
AI  Alexandra Israel Program Assistant

Information Technology

s5 Michael Satut Director Information Technology
mc Matthew Carroll Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer

Research and Analysis

Contact for information/data requests on graduate students and postdocs, TGS program statistics webpage, placement database, surveys, internal and external reporting.

TGS Contact Us Bill Artz Associate Director of Research and Analysis

Student Life

TGS Contact Us Penny Warren* Assistant Dean of Student Life
*Contact for Activity Fee, U-Pass, Community Building Grants, Night Outs, Days Outs, Legal Services, Graduate Student Commons. For all inquiries, please email

Student Services

For all student services inquiries, email

TGS Contact Us Kate Veraldi Director Student Services
TGS Contact Us Antoaneta Condurat Coordinator, Student Services
TGS Contact Us Yolanda Gomez Counselor, Student Services

Training Grant Support and Postdoctoral Affairs

Contact for institutional training grants – proposal development, best practices, funding agency and NU policies and procedures, training grant data management, issues, questions. Contact for all matters involving Postdoctoral Fellows at Northwestern.

jh Jennifer Hobbs, PhD Senior Director, Office of Training Grant Support and Postdoctoral Affairs
km Kristen Mighty, PhD Program Administrator
t Trent Palzer Data Assistant