Welltended: Demystifying the plant care experience

Houseplants are a simple yet beautiful way to brighten up a small apartment, or bring much-needed green space to an otherwise dingy office. Welltended, an online platform created by recent Kellogg graduate Carolyn Snider, allows customers to purchase houseplants based on their home, skill level, and style.

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Alicia McGeachy

Alicia McGeachy: Finding Balance between Science and Outreach

“Why?” and “how?” are two of Alicia McGeachy’s favorite questions. Her inquisitive mindset was encouraged by her father, who motivated her to consider why things were the way they were at an early age. Her interest in science grew during high school, where she had a chemistry teacher who made the subject engaging and relatable. 

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Our Values

Flowers with University building in background

“Certain core values are so essential to TGS that they inform every element of individual and institutional practice across all departments and activities.”

~ Dwight A. McBride, Former Dean of The Graduate School