Slavic Languages and Literatures

Degree Types: PhD

Northwestern's Doctoral Program in Slavic Languages and Literatures, one of the best in the country, specializes in Russian literature and culture. It focuses on the readings of major works, their relation to cultural and intellectual history, and the questions they raise for problems of literary criticism and theory.

The program allows reasonable flexibility in designing a course of study, giving students the ability to follow their research interests. As a result, students acquire the skills necessary for creative thinking, original research, and professional exposition. The program also provides training in language teaching methodology.

Students in this program are also encouraged to participate in TGS's Interdisciplinary Initiative program. For more information on how you can have a second intellectual "home" outside of your department or program, please visit the Interdisciplinary Clusters page.

See Slavic Languages Degree Requirements for specific classes and procedures needed to complete this program.

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