Operations Management

Degree Types: PhD

The PhD program in Operations Management (OM) focuses on managerial decision making through quantitative, economic modeling of operations functions in firms. Examples of research areas include logistics, distribution and supply-chain management; capacity and production planning and control of processing networks, revenue management, health-care management, and contracting and economic mechanism design. The research problems are studied primarily through mathematical models, either descriptive or normative, that build on modern economic paradigms. Models are analyzed using tools from optimization, game theory, probability, and statistics. The Operations Management group is also active in advancing these underlying methodologies. Field studies and empirical analyses are also conducted to test those models and to guide further theoretical work.

The program is offered by the Operation Management group, which is part of the Managerial Economics and Decisions Sciences (MEDS) Department.

See Operations Management Degree Requirements for specific classes and procedures needed to complete this program.

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