Marketing Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


At the end of year one in the PhD Program, doctoral students in Marketing may qualify for a one-year Master of Science (MS) degree.  The requirements for the MS degree are as follows:

1.   Complete 10 graded doctoral courses and maintain an overall 3.35 GPA.  The eligible courses are listed below:

Behavioral Track:
(Under the guidance of the DGS, a minimum of 10 classes that include selections from the list below.)

  • Marketing Strategy: MKTG 560-0
  • Consumer Behavior: Information Processing & Decision Making: MKGT 540-0
  • Psychological Theory in Consumer Behavior: MKTG541-0
  • Research Philosophies in Marketing & Consumer Behavior: MKTG 542-0
  • Special Topics in Marketing: Judgment, Emotion & Consumer Choice: MKTG530-2
  • Special Topics in Marketing: Problems & Solutions in Applied Data Analysis: MKGT 530-1
  • 400-level courses in Psychology, Sociology, Statistics or Management & Organizations

Quantitative Track:
(Under the guidance of the DGS, a minimum of 10 classes that include selections from the list below.)

  • Marketing Strategy: MTG 560-0
  • Quantitative Marketing: Analytical Models, MKTG 550-0
  • Quantitative Marketing: Introduction to Theory and Empirical Methods, MKTG 551-0
  • Quantitative Marketing: Statistical Modeling, MKTG 552-0
  • Quantitative Marketing: Structural Modeling, MKTG 553-0
  • Microeconomics:  ECON 410-1,2,3
  • Introduction to Econometrics:  ECON 480-1,2,3

2.   Complete and present a satisfactory first-year paper.  This paper and the subsequent presentation to faculty must be completed by mid-September and/or before the start of their second year.  

3.   Form a MS Committee.  To qualify for the MS students must have the approval of the Marketing Department Chair and the two Directors of Graduate Study based on a review of the student’s overall performance in the Marketing program.  The Department Chair (MS chair) and two Directors of Graduate Study (committee members) will also form the student’s MS committee unless otherwise approved by the department.  The MS degree can also be obtained in the second year, which again requires the formation of a committee.


Students are required to complete 36 units of coursework. Please visit the Marketing Program page for details on the courses offered. In addition to coursework, the completion of the PhD requires:

  • Pass the preliminary written examination at the end of the first year.
  • Pass the first and second year papers.
  • Form a dissertation committee that consists of a committee chair from the marketing department, two additional faculty members from the marketing department, and one member outside the marketing department)
  • Pass the dissertation prospectus (proposal)
  • Pass the final exam and submit an approved dissertation.

Additional details on each of these requirements and relevant dates are available from the director of graduate studies.