Degree Types: PhD

The Marketing PhD program centers on research that significantly advances the state of marketing thought and practice, with emphasis on the interplay between theory development and empirical analysis. The program is designed to develop the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary for students to become successful, productive researchers. The hallmark of the Marketing PhD program is that students commit to a specific research specialty while acquiring a broad background across various basic disciplines. To achieve these objectives, the curriculum is designed to be consistent with, and tailored to, each student's background and goals. In general, most students focus in one of two areas: consumer behavior or quantitative modeling. The training our consumer behavior students receive is anchored in psychology and sociology, and the training our quantitative modeling students receive is grounded in economics and statistics.

Successful completion of the PhD typically requires a commitment of four to five years, including residency of eight quarters (fall, winter, spring, and summer)

See Marketing Degree Requirements for specific classes and procedures needed to complete this program.

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