Genetic Counseling

Degree Types: MS

The Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling is a six-quarter (18-month) program leading to a master's in Genetic Counseling and accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC). The curriculum is designed to emphasize the scientific and medical aspects of the profession, along with the counseling and psychosocial aspects. Students have extensive course work their first year and also begin their clinical rotations during the winter quarter. Early clinical placements allow the students to quickly apply and reinforce the concepts they learn in the classroom. In addition, Northwestern has a strong research component, requiring a written thesis and oral defense.

Graduates are prepared for employment as genetic counselors in multiple settings including:

  • Multidisciplinary medical settings including pediatrics, prenatal, adult, cancer and other subspecialties.
  • Laboratories, government agencies, research, public health and industry.

Students are prepared for the ABGC certification examination through coursework, thesis and clinical experiences supervised by certified genetic counselors and clinical geneticists.

See the Genetic Counseling Degree Requirements for specific classes and procedures needed to complete this program.

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