Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

Degree Types: PhD, MS

The Program in Applied Mathematics educates students in mathematical methods and their application to various scientific and engineering fields.

Our program emphasizes the solution of problems arising in science and engineering including fluid mechanics, microbiology, neurobiology, ecology, geophysics, materials, diffusion processes, fiber optics, interfacial phenomena, pattern formation, solid mechanics, solidification theory, wave phenomena, and social sciences.  To address these problems students are trained in a broad range of mathematical techniques including mathematical modeling, asymptotic analysis, bifurcation theory, dynamical systems, numerical methods, ordinary and partial differential equations, singular perturbations, stability theory, and stochastic processes.

Students are given broad-based training encompassing mathematical methods and fields of science or engineering where significant applications of mathematics are made.

See the Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics Degree Requirements for specific classes and procedures needed to complete this program.

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