Engineering Design and Innovation

Degree Types: MS

The Master of Science in Engineering Design and Innovation (EDI) at the Segal Design Institute is intended for recent engineering graduates seeking to lead the design of future products, services, and technologies.

Our students learn how to attack design problems with a human-centered approach to solve the needs of real people. Methods include user observation, visualization, rapid prototyping, and iteration.

EDI attracts engineers who like to create new things, are comfortable with complex problems, and care about culture and contemporary context. The coursework focuses heavily on hands-on, team-based projects. Graduates of EDI are prepared to collaborate on, and lead, development teams to create innovative and effective products and services.

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related discipline, or adequate demonstration of strong analytic skills.

See the Engineering Design and Innovation Degree Requirements for specific classes and procedures needed to complete this program.

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