Earth and Planetary Sciences

Degree Types: PhD

The Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) PhD Program trains graduate students for careers in academia, industry, or government organizations.

The program is focused in two broad areas:

  • Deep Earth: geophysics, tectonics, seismology, and mineral physics
  • Surface Earth: geochemistry, sedimentology, stratigraphic analysis, and paleoclimatology/paleoceanography.

The department’s size fosters individualized attention, strong professional bonds, and diverse opportunities for participation in field work and working with more than one faculty advisor. Within their first quarter, entering students develop research projects and individualized training programs with their research advisor of choice.

Students who have majored in a different natural science or in engineering are equally welcome as Earth science graduates and will be provided opportunities to acquire a background in Earth and planetary sciences.

PhD level research stresses the development of new principles, concepts, and discoveries.

See EPS Degree Requirements for specific classes and procedures needed to complete this program.

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