Communication Studies

Degree Types: PhD

The Department of Communication Studies houses the doctoral program in Rhetoric and Public Culture. The Department is also a key participant in the doctoral programs in Media, Technology and Society and Technology and Social Behavior.

A concentration in Rhetoric and Public Culture enables students to explore how texts, images, and other media function as modes of action, with particular regard to those practices that organize public thought, identities, and social relations. Faculty and student research is interdisciplinary and participates in a range of contemporary theoretical discussions, paying special attention to how power and legitimacy are negotiated rhetorically. Program conversations attend carefully to the impact of social differences as organized by particular constructions of race, class, sexuality, gender, locale, and other variables.

Students in this program are also encouraged to participate in TGS’s Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative program. For more information on how you can have a second intellectual “home” outside of your department or program, please visit the Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative page.

See Communication Studies Degree Requirements for specific classes and procedures needed to complete this program.

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