Integrated Data Science

Program Type: Certificate

The past decade has witnessed an accelerating growth in the volume and complexity of data in many data-enabled science and engineering (DESE) fields. To maximize the discovery potential, we must employ advanced data analytics methods and algorithms, visualization techniques, and high-performance computing. We are faced with unprecedented and multi-faceted challenges making skills in advanced data analytics most critical: statistics, data mining, machine learning, signal/image processing and visualization, data management and programming are becoming essential for many areas of science and engineering research. These skills bridge several disciplines and push research frontiers: from the methods disciplines of computer science, electrical engineering, applied math, and statistics to domain disciplines across science and engineering. Furthermore, the non-academic professional sector already has high demands for data scientists and engineers with PhD/MS education. They are being recruited as high-level staff at national research labs and centers, as “data wizards” at non-profit organizations, from within the financial sector, and at many industries including online retailers, social media, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. These professional sectors are looking for data-analytics experts who can not only answer questions quantitatively, but pose the questions no one has yet identified; the same technical skills needed for data-enabled science and engineering research are in great demand in the growing number of data intensive industries as well.

The certificate in Integrated Data Science aims to organize and recognize students in this area, integrating curriculum in methods and domain disciplines and offering students the wide range of education they need to succeed as data scientists inside and outside of academia. The graduate certificate curriculum aligns well with the Northwestern Data Science Initiative and allows for further expansion, as other units across the university develop and add courses to the curriculum.

See Integrated Data Science Certificate Requirements for specific courses and procedures needed to complete this program.

How to Apply

Enrolled PhD students in The Graduate School may pursue this certificate with the permission of his/her program.

Who to Contact

Please contact the program director, listed below, with questions about this program. Or, explore the Integrated Data-Driven Discovery in Earth and Astrophysical Sciences (IDEAS) program website for more information.

Certificate Director: Professor Vicky Kalogera
Contact: Michelle Paulsen
Phone: 847.579.9240