Program Type: Certificate

The Biotechnology Certificate reflects an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental training that is broader than what is available through an individual department. This certificate program promotes interdisciplinary education in biotechnology, interactions among faculty and among students with interests in biotechnology, and provides a substantial exposure of students to industrial biotechnology research. 

Benefits to the Certificate program include the opportunity to explore a wide array of cutting edge and industrial research opportunities chosen from the life sciences, complemented by a core interdisciplinary curriculum.

Students with a certificate would have a broader exposure to cutting edge biotechnology that would better prepare them for entry into the biotechnology industry or to pursue academic and governmental biotechnology research.

See Biotechnology Certificate Requirements for specific courses and procedures needed to complete this program.

Programs and Events

Students in the Biotechnology Certificate Program have access to:

  • A variety of advanced topic and specialized courses.
  • A monthly Biotechnology Seminar Series with presentations by industrial and academic scientists.
  • Exposure to several research laboratories through short-term residences or rotations.
  • Substantial exposure to industrial biotechnology through industrial biotechnology internships
  • Participation and organization of a Biotechnology Practicum
  • Participation in the annual IBiS 2-day graduate program/faculty retreat
  • The Biotechnology, Systems, and Synthetic Biology Cluster Program sponsored by The Graduate School 

How to Apply

Enrolled PhD students in The Graduate School may pursue this certificate with the permission of his/her program.

Who to Contact

Please contact the program director, listed below, with questions about this program. Or, explore the Biotechnology Training Program website for more information.

William Miller
2145 Sheridan Road, Room E-136
Evanston, IL 60208-3120

Phone: (847) 491- 4828