African American and Diaspora Studies

Program Type: Certificate

African American and Diaspora Studies is by its very nature an interdisciplinary field. It acquaints students with myriad ways of thinking (historical, social-scientific, literary, theoretical, and quantitative), researching, and writing about the diverse experiences of African Americans in the United States and of African descended people throughout the African Diaspora (from dispersion, colonialism, the slave trade and slavery, through emancipation, decolonization, independence, and postcolonialism).

African American and Diaspora Studies brings together the voluminous scholarship generated by historians; political scientists; sociologists; cultural, literary, and performance studies critics; and scholars working on diverse topics and constructions of class, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. By considering the different manifestations of blackness and racialization as well as other forms of racialized identity across the globe from historical, empirical, and theoretical perspectives, students will learn to analyze how identity, race, and racism change over time and according to the specifics of geopolitical location. In addition, the certificate program in African American and Diaspora Studies emphasizes how blackness intersects with other ethnic identities (Latino, Native, and Asian American, etc.) and how it is shaped by gender, sexuality, and economic inequity.

See African Studies American and Diaspora Studies Certificate Requirements for specific courses and procedures needed to complete this program.

How to Apply

Enrolled PhD students in The Graduate School may pursue this certificate with the permission of his/her program.

Who to Contact

Please contact the program with questions about this certificate.

Department of African American Studies
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