Art Theory and Practice

Degree Types: MFA

The Art Theory and Practice two-year graduate program is best suited to students looking to pursue intense and prolonged periods of studio work in addition to academic study. The program's small size, averaging 10 students, ensures a continuous intensive exchange among faculty and graduate students resulting in a rigorous critical atmosphere in which a range of theoretical perspectives and diverse ways of making and talking about art are valued and encouraged. The backbone of the program is independent study with the core graduate faculty. The periodic addition of visiting lecturers supplements the faculty, adding further dimension and depth.

Complementing this are seminars, group critique courses and electives. Furthermore, every other year the department funds a graduate student study trip. Our program is geared not only to equip our graduates for professional careers as artists and college-level teachers but also to place them on the forefront of contemporary cultural production.

While our emphasis is on the development of individual studio practice, the program encourages parallel intellectual development in critical theory, art history and non-department electives.

Applicants should contact the program or visit the Art Theory and Practice website to learn about program details and program-specific requirements for admission.

See Art Theory and Practice Degree Requirements for specific classes and procedures needed to complete this program.

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