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Teagle Foundation Grant

This initiative is a partnership between The Graduate School (TGS), the History department, the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences (WCAS), the Searle Center for Advancing Learning & Teaching, and the American Historical Association (AHA)

In 2013, TGS received a grant from the Teagle Foundation's Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences Initiative. The Teagle Foundation invited proposals for “projects to revise, scale up and institutionalize pilot programs through which graduate students in the arts and sciences prepare for teaching careers — with continued emphasis on helping graduate students engage and use in their own teaching new and emerging practices and research that can help bring undergraduate learning to the highest possible level.”

TGS’s project will be piloted in the History Department, where it will involve Ph.D. students and faculty in a project of building and institutionalizing teaching-related programming.

The Teagle Foundation's current vision and focus is "to be an influential national voice and a catalyst for change in higher education to improve undergraduate student learning in the arts and sciences."

Browse the Teagle Foundation’s website for more information about its mission, history, grants and programs.

The Project in Brief

The Teagle Foundation-funded Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts & Sciences pilot project will develop a program for students in the History department to better prepare them for undergraduate teaching. TGS will partner with the Searle Center and WCAS to support graduate student teacher training and undergraduate learning through the development of a professional development structure for students using principles from pedagogical scholarship and a digital curricular guide to teaching history. Successes from this program will be implemented into other TGS academic programs as well as history programs nationwide through a partnership with the American Historical Association (AHA).

TGS initiated programming in fall 2013 with a final narrative report being delivered to Teagle by March 15, 2015.

Project Goals

The goals of TGS' Teagle-funded project are to:

  1. Study and evaluate the discipline-specific model for graduate training that emerges from the History department pilot.
  2. Enhance History's efforts to hardwire teaching, learning, and mentorship into the departmental culture.
  3. Create a set of best practices and export the successful aspects of the framework to disciplines across campus and to history departments nationwide.

More specifically, the discipline-specific model proposes to:

  • Foment a "community of practice" composed of History graduate students and faculty focused on developing discipline-specific principles and practices aimed at promoting undergraduate student learning in history.
  • Develop a self-sustaining graduate professional development structure in History that includes a series of workshops and reading discussion groups aimed at students in varying stages of their graduate career.
  • Create an online curricular resource guide to teaching history that offers advice on developing objectives and assessments in history courses as well as suggestions for pedagogy in both seminar and lecture settings.

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