Submit A Request

Follow the steps below to submit requests for financial top-ups from The Graduate School (TGS). If you have questions, please contact Graduate Student Funding at

Requestor Entry Process

  1. Sign into the Special Funding Request Tool using your NetID and password (Personal NetID or Group), permitting a record to be maintained of who made the request.
  2. Requests are aid-year specific. Select the appropriate aid year from the drop down menu when you select “Submit Specials Requests.” Note that multiple year-specific forms may be active simultaneously.
  3. Enter the student’s ID Number and hit the “Enter” key. (Tip: If you enter the first 3 or 4 digits of the ID number, this will result a subset of IDs that begin with these digits). The student’s first and last name, home academic program and admit term will auto-populate once you enter the ID Number. (Tip: You can use the tab key to move quickly through fields in the form).
  4. Select the award/endowment for which specials are being requested. If your award/endowment is not listed, select “Other” and enter the name of the award/endowment in the text box.
  5. Consulting the award letter or agreement documentation, select the quarters for which specials are requested. 
  6. Specify the amount of tuition and/or stipend provided by the award and the amount being requested from TGS. For tuition, first enter the amount provided by the award, by quarter, and then enter the amount requested by quarter. The tuition totals will automatically populate. For stipend, first decide whether you would prefer to enter by quarter or by month. Enter the amount provided by the award and the amount requested. The stipend totals will automatically populate. (Tip: you can copy and paste amounts from one field to the next).
  7. Consult the Eligibility for the External Award Supplement and select the box if eligible.
  8. Enter your NetID /name if using group NetID in the box provided.
  9. In the Notes section, please indicate any information that will be helpful when reviewing the request. For example, if the request represents a long-standing agreement with TGS and you no longer have documentation, please note “per agreement” and indicate who made the agreement and when (if known). This would be the place to indicate if the dates of the award do not coincide with our quarters or you used the currency convertor.
  10. Upload the award letter or agreement documentation. All award notices should be in English. 
  11. Select “Submit” if complete or “Submit and add another student to this award” if you would like to make a request for another student with this same award. If you select “Submit and Add,” you may need to change the tuition and stipend.

Sample Submission Request Forms

Wondering if you entered the request correctly? Reference the screenshots below for examples of completed forms. You can also review the FAQ page.

TGS Review Process and Follow-up

  1. TGS staff will review requests regularly and issue a response within five business days. 
  2. Once reviewed, an automatic email is initiated that the request has been approved, sent back with changes or denied. 
  3. If approved, TGS will perform the data entry for the Specials.  You will need to complete the data entry of any portion of the award that is being handled through Northwestern University (departmental endowment, external award).

Submit Special Requests Video