Conference Travel Grant Approval

Programs must review and approve students’ Conference Travel Grant (CTG) applications.  Please visit the CTG application webpage for information on student eligibility and required application materials. 

Review Instructions:

  • When a student submits an application you will receive an email alert.  You can also log into the online forms system at any time to see what forms are pending your approval via the online form.  
  • Complete the “Program Approval” section, including entering the chart string into which funds should be transferred if a CTG is awarded.Students must receive at least $200 in funding from their program/department in order to be eligible for a conference travel grant.
    • If approved, click “Sign”.  
    • If not approved, click “Reject”. 
    • If the application should be edited by the student, click “Return form to a previous section”.

Please note, program approval of a grant application does not guarantee funds.  Students must meet all eligibility criteria in order to have their grant approved and funds awarded by The Graduate School. Students should NOT make travel arrangements until grant applications are fully approved.

If you have any questions, please contact