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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meetings & Courses Program

Modified: August 9, 2017

The Meetings & Courses division at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) is pleased to announce the ENABL scholarship program (Empowering Nextgen Advanced Biomedical Leadership). This program provides partial financial support for trainees to participate in one of their immersion laboratory courses followed by a professional development workshop, all of which are held annually. This notice is to alert you that the application deadline is approaching for the following workshop.

To be considered for the scholarship program, you need to 1) apply for a designated laboratory course (see below), 2) submit a financial aid request as part of your application materials, and 3) be accepted into and complete the course. You’ll then be eligible to receive additional scholarship support should you decide to apply for a subsequent professional development workshop. The order of courses does not matter: you can participate in a workshop followed by a laboratory course if you choose. It is also not necessary to participate in both the same year; this scholarship program is currently funded through 2019. Finally, the scholarships are not binding: you can accept and use a scholarship for a laboratory course without participating in a subsequent professional development workshop.

The full list of designated laboratory courses in this program is:

The professional development workshops are:

Questions? Feel free to contact Charla Lambert in the CSHL Meetings & Courses Program.

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