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VPhD November Panel and Job Openings

Modified: October 19, 2016

Dear Community,

Paula here! Hoping your autumn is beautiful.

STEM folks: Panel Discussion for you next week! PhD Careers in Medical Writing in the STEM forum, October 17-21. Four great panelists, all employed as different types of medical writers in different settings. More information here.

Humanists, Social Scientists and others - some very cool jobs have been posted lately:

  •  English, Journalism, Communications people: Writer at Harvard University Press.
  •  Library Science people: see Library Scientist at a financial technology firm in Massachusetts.
  •  Ed & Ed Tech people: check out Research Fellow at an E-Learning nonprofit in California.
  •  Historians, Americanists, Education people: you could be Education Program Coordinator at a historical house museum in the Midwest.

Links to each are here.

The majority of our job listings are contributed by VPhD members, especially those who have gone on to new careers. If you see a job that might be a potential opportunity for the right PhD, please post it!

Believing in you,


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